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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Busy Day Today!

First of all, Son Noah graduates from the Clearfield Job Corp today! He has been a student there for 21 months and he has really learned a great deal in both technical and life skills. He's reluctant to participate in anything so formal as a graduation ceremony but he knows there's no getting around making his mom happy by being there. I'll be there too, of course. As for his employment after JC, he's been dragging his boots and reluctant to move on to that next step in life. We have been talking about it… He did send his resume, just yesterday, to apply for a couple entry level mechanic jobs with the BMW Williams Formula 1 racing team, headquartered in England...

I had a very nice chat with my friend and fellow blogger Karen, yesterday before classes. She is looking wonderful after several weeks of recuperation from surgery. I think sharing a few minutes of late afternoon sunshine and some conversation with her was the high point of my day, yesterday.

Yesterday was also MFR's birthday and so, I decided to break the radio silence by sending her a very simple email, wishing her a happy birthday. I ended it by writing:
We now return you to our regularly scheduled silence…

That is all.
I really hoped that my email might at least get a reply or even an automated reply that it had been received or read. Nothing so far. Dang!

I'm pretty certain I'll be paying for the carpet sometime today. I sure hope it can be installed before Christmas.

Time to do the paying thing for a few hours. Thursday Three response will have to wait!

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